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Source Point Therapy


SourcePoint Therapy is manual healing method, where blockages in the energetic field, that reflect in the physical body, are recognized and removed. The physical body as well as the body as a mulitlayered system are balanced and connected to the wisdom of health and well being, often called blueprint of health.

Inherent in the human body, not only physical, but the whole person as a system, is the information of health. This information is already present in the first moments of life. Even the very first cells »know« where to go and what »job« they have, may it become nose, liver, fingernail, vein or bone. No one has to tell them, the information is within them and in the surrounding field, and still in the grown up body it is still there. This information is never lost, eventhough it may get superimposed by other events in life.

SourcePoint Therapy is a method to re-activate this Ur-information, the blueprint, to evoke and invoke a higher level of health and flow in the human body system.

Sequence of a SourcePoint Therapy session

After a short evaluation of problems, whishes and/or symptoms, the client lays down on a massage table. Usually the client stays dressed, only if the clothes cause discomfort or the treatement requires skin contact, parts are taken off.

Four points of the energetic field, located in a geometric pattern, are held by the practicioner. No energy is transmitted, in neither direction. Those points are alredy in your field and stand as reference for certain information, concerning health. Holding the points will bring your system in a state or receptivity/openness to healing.

Then the close, scientific measuarble, energetic field is scanned by the practicioners hand, to locate blockages, that show in the energetic field. There the practicioner will work. Since I am certified advanced Rolfer, it is very likely that I will use Rolfing techniques to release the physical equivalent to the scanned blockage. Also, in the context of SourcePoint Therapy there are more tools to release blockages from your energy field in off body treatment.

When no more blockages occur in the energy field, the session is ended by holding the client’s sacrum and again holding the four points, this time under different meanings/information, so that the level of health and increased vital life energy is balanced and stabilized.

Duration of a session

The time of the session varies, since it depends on the clients theme, the amount of blockages and their release. In average sessions last not longer than 80 minutes and rarely less then 30 minutes.
In each session information becomes available for your system, which brings you closer to your original blueprint of health. There will be a higher level of order, which connects to increased balance, harmony. The amount of information, that can be processed by your system varies from person to person and from session to session.

I trust your body systems wisdom and let it guide me. So we are safe, that only those parts/things get released, that are ready to go, in the amount you can process, the amount of new information and insights is according to your current capacity. Overload or subchallenge will be avoided.

Number of sessions

Depending if your motivation is an acute crisis (physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual), a cronic problem or for prevention, or a general intention to increase vitality, the interval of sessions is very individual.
It is possible to have sessions a few days in a row, or with days or weeks in between.

For further information please contact me.

More information about SourcePoint Therapy and ist founders Bob Schrei and Donna Thomson at www.sourcepointtherapy.com.